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"Oh my god, I coughed and a little purse came out!" -Kurt (Glee)
I love Glee, it's true. Although Kurt has become a tad insufferable, more like a massive stereotype than an actual character with depth. "Oh I'm gay, my entire life revolves around being gay and fabulous!" Also- I never liked Rachel! There I said it.

It's been a busy week, lots of final projects to start and fret over, lots of homework to make up. I've been putting off some important assignments that just crept up on me, now I'm drowning! So updates will be a while. I hope I can manage to squeeze in something new!

Commissions are WIDE open baby, feed a starving artist!
Clearly I'm not above begging. Like my art? Want something of your own? Nothing is too degrading.
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Something is really bugging me!
So while I was riding on the subway this morning I looked out the window and saw the Handcock building and thought "Wouldn't it be funny if Godzilla was outside wrecking the city?" Then it occurred to me, Godzilla can rip a building in half, but I think Superman could destroy Godzilla. Does that mean Superman is stronger than Godzilla? Because I don't think superman could rip a building in half. And come to think of it, does Superman have a limit to his abilities, like he can only lift so much weight?
It's like an awesome mind puzzle!

My midterms have occupied my entire life for the last 2 weeks. It was a killer but I pulled it together! A- on my Honors Art History (yeah, I'm bragging what of it?) I studied hard!
My dog is pissing me off, every night he stares at me and growls, then I pet him for a while and when I stop he growls again. He's not mad, he just wants attention. He's 10 years old, and has become a grumpy old man that barks at any dog that comes near the house. Corgis only live for about 13 years, and he's really fat too. I don't want my puppy to get sick, I remember when he was so small he fell in the water and shrunk he was all fluff.
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It's true, on both accounts. I've been saying this a lot lately, partially because it's been a crappy week but mostly because it makes me laugh. It's a line from way back Late Night with Conan, he's talking about discovering god and finding out he's an old asian man...I miss watching Conan.
Anywhoo, it has been a rough week. I week filled with hardship and guilt and self-hatred and picking up dog crap.

Is it pathetic to beg for money online? Because my wallet looks pretty pathetic right now. I half-expect to open it up and see a moth fly out. It's funny because it's happening to me and not you!
I'm open for any commissions, anything- seriously. Beggars cannot be choosers. And I've come down to begging, or panhandling. I should set up a hat in the subway and dance for nickels. Ha cha cha cha!

School work is keeping me from personal art or work. Perhaps instead of being an artist I shall become a mime.
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Turpentine. I've always been afraid of it ever since childhood.

The reason is when I was in elementary school I read a story about two princesses. One princess was fair and kind, the other ugly and cruel. The lovely Princess was to wed the man the ugly princess had been pursuing. In retaliation the wicked princess poured turpentine into the good princess's drink, which killed her in a horrible gruesome manner. It's been a LONG time since I read this story and it may be that the evil girl was killed instead, but this is how I remember it. From then on I was terrified and thought (unknowingly) that even being near turpentine could be harmful. I told my mother of my phobia and she was quite shocked "I was ALSO afraid of turpentine when I was younger! My father was a house painter so he had cans of turpentine lying around. He told me they were dangerous and I never wanted to be anywhere near it" Needless to say I was amazed to learn my mother and I shared this unusual fear.
The reason I bring this up is because now that I'm an art student I'm suddenly surrounded by Turpentine!
If you're unfamiliar with it, turpentine is used as a method of removing paint. You put a drop of it in a bucket of water and use it to wash off your brushes. I have yet to use this method for cleaning my brushes (as I mostly work with acrylic) but I do see other students carrying around cans of it.
It's silly; but it feels like my childhood is creeping back into my life in unusual ways!

I have to ask, has anyone else ever heard of this bizarre fairytale?

What are some of your own childhood fears? Are you still afraid of these things or can you laugh at them now?
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So, I have been somewhat devoid of inspiration for the past couple of days and figured I should show my appreciation to all the kind people who've commented and faved and showed me nothing but wonderful support!
For the first 3 people to reply to this journal entry I will draw whatever he/she wants! (except porn...)
I may take more people's requests later.
This is my way of thanking you all for being so kind!
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So my vacation was productive...but then that's about it. I spent most of my time drawing on notecards I found around the house. I ate smores, swam, read, the basics. He was only there 5 days but that's probably the most time I've spent with my father all year. Haha, it's sad because it's true! Same goes for my brother.
But the art flowed from me like the Lackawaxen river flows through pennsylvania.
I did end up finding a way to get internet by sitting on the end of our dock pointing my computer towards the local hotel, which only worked if the wind was going in the right direction (seriously, weird)
At some point my sis's best friend Kelly came to spend the day, we had a lovely time sneaking into the local hotel and using their go-cart track. Then at night we had a fire, and a random dog came strolling into our yard. She was a massive yellow lab named Liberty. We fed her gram crackers, and for a while we tried to find her home, but then gave up and just let her follow us around. She was very sweet tempered and eventually two youths came and retrieved her. I wanted to take her home!
So now I will be uploading the art I made on my trip.
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I'm being sent away from the safe confines of my walk-in-closet sized room, and thrown into the depths of nature. Or, I'm going on a trip to my family's lake house in Pennsylvania. Details, details.
It's in a lovely wooded area next to a lovely serene lake with peaceful turtles sunning themselves on logs and brown bear cubs rooting through garbage.  What could be better yes?
WELL. There's no internet, which in a way is a good thing because I've been spending so much time on my computer I'm dreaming about my computer...
So I'm getting a little relaxation, but this also means my frequent updates will be halted for a week or so. For my sanity, and the health of my eye balls this is probably all for the best. I hope I don't suffer withdrawal...

Caio for now beloved deviants!
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Well perusing through my television's On Demand channel for a movie to watch this past saturday evening, I came upon the delightful film Batman: Under the Red Hood! Wonderful, wonderful stuff. You know, if you ignore the actual comics...Sure I ranted and raved for nearly the first half an hour over the opening sequence, much to my mum and sis's displeasure. All in All it was a splendid movie that perfectly captured the angst and betrayal of the original comic
I was a bit upset at first when I heard the Joker's voice (John DiMaggio) because to me Mark Hamill IS the Joker. But after a while I warmed right up to it, he did a great job! The character design was also brilliant.
Batman's voice actor (Bruce Greenword) also did a fantastic job. I miss Kevin Conroy, but perhaps his time, as well as Mark Hamill's time as the Batman and Joker are up. I say this hoping it never comes true...
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS (Blarrruugghh! NPH) was also quite good in his role as Nightwing, really a very witty charming interpretation...(Squeel)
Seeing this movie has helped to rekindle my love for Jason Todd. Who despite being a total A-hole as a child managed to grow into a kick-ass, snarky, villainous adult. See the movie.
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I love being an American really, and 4th of July is the best. I sit around all day watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Independence Day and 1776. Eating corn and cheesy poofs drinking lemonade in the air conditioning.
The only bad part is today is especially HOT. I absolutely hate the heat, since I'm a ginger and my skin only burns! My mom say that even when I was a baby I would scream and fuss until I was out of the heat. I still do...I'm a winter-child.

Tonight I'm going with my friend Amee to our town's carnival, where we'll eat fried dough, mock carnies, and go on the Zipper ride (the one that flips you up-side-down). Hopefully not in that order. Then later my brother will undoubtedly set of fireworks (which are illegal here) and we'll enjoy a Star Wars Marathon.

"Fireworks for sale! Celebrate the birth of your nation by blowing up a small part of it!" -The Simpsons.
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So yesterday was my High school graduation, it was long and hot but wonderful. I'm relieved to have graduated, and will be attending The Art institute of Boston (not the fly-by-night one, the Lesley college one). After which I went to an all-night graduation party, really fun, inflatable obstacle course, got myself a sweet stick-on tattoo, sprayed my hair pink, got hypnotized, slept all day.

So I've decided to start taking commissions, as I'm poor and have free time now. I'm willing to do really detailed work, as detailed as you can describe it so don't be afraid to be specific. The price of the images does not include backgrounds, they cost extra because I really hate to draw them.
All images are hand-drawn. One character is included in each drawing, any additional characters will cost extra.

Black and White
Full Body:$5
Additional Characters:$0.50 each

Full body:$8
Additional Characters:$0.50 each

Digital coloring
Full body:$7
Additional Characters:$0.50 each

Payments can be made through Paypal, I'll send you the address upon ordering. Payments should be made first, then you can set a deadline and I will complete your work on time!
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What the hell is up with comics lately?
So truthfully I haven't been reading actual comic books for more than a year. Before my financially crippling addiction to comics I loved DC sure, Batman the animated series, I watched the movies, all the shows, but I never read the comics. I was too into manga...oh youth.
Anyway, now that I've started getting into to comics I feel like I've arrived to late and I'll never know what the hell is going on! I just got the first 2 comics of the Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne series and after reading them my only reaction was "WTF?!"
My head hurts from ranting.
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Nana nana nana nana Batgirl!
I can no longer live in silence, I must shout my love from the roof tops!
Anyway, the series of drawings I've been working on entitled "Woman of Gotham" started as a few sketches to include in an art show has now become a fearsome obsession! I need more ladies, other than the obvious (Batwoman, Oracle, poison ivy, all of Bruce's one-night-stands...) is there someone I may be overlooking that absolutely must be included?
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Sadly my vacation is over, but as a Senior I have very few days left.

I went to see Kick-ass earlier today, it's fantastic! Hit girl is the best part, I'm surprised so many people are offended by her fowl language and not her brutal killings. If you love violence you'll love this movie.
I should get paid for saying that...
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Sorry there haven't been any new Kill Ron comics. I'll start updating regularly again after I'm done submitting all my college apps (last one due feb 15 yay!)
Although after that I'll be in Italy for 9 days. I've never been outside the country before and I'm going with all my friends! I'm not rich, this is a school cultural trip. I'm so excited- I'm getting panic attacks.
My birthday was this last weekend, I turned 18 (I feel so old...)
My friend dropped by my house today to give me a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne. (so cute!)
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Disney has done it again! The Princess and the frog was absolutely fantastic, it's wonderful to see Disney getting back to hand drawn animation. The character designs were gorgeous, especially Tiana and Dr. Facilier.
All of the characters I thought would be unbearably annoying were spectacular. Ray was lovable and brave- and not nearly as offensive as one might expect- after all Disney is prone to stereotypes. Tiana herself actually looked African-American unlike Jasmine or Alladin who look like tan white people (while Jifar is clearly a Arabian caricature.
The only disappointment were the songs, they weren't bad just not memorable. Oh well- Randy Newman gets old fast.
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It's been a good week, stressful but rewarding.
Oh, by the way this journal entry is worthless.
Away I go!
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I've been fairly upset lately, my classes are frustrating and I've been getting openly mocked and bullied...It's left me all shaken up inside and when I get home I haven't the heart to work on my art.
It's been a setback. BUT I'm trying to relax, get back on track and keep looking forward!
Thank goodness for deviantart, it's always good for a laugh.
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So clearly my inner psychotic maniac has reared it's pretty little head.
What really burns my biscuits is that my Joker fan art is more popular than any of my original characters (so is deviantart's way).

School's starting up soon so I'm not sure how frequent my updates will be...I'll try my best!
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Something terribly unsuspecting has occurred! Oh I have such an urge to knock heads together! But, it's out of my hands so all I can do is sit back and hope things work themselves out...

On a happier note, my scanner is NOT broken (who said it was?) so I will be back on my Kill Ron schedule! (which is something like...whenever I can if not 2 or 3 times a week)

And to whoever actually reads this or even visits my page, Thank you so much! It warms my heart to the point of squealing.
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Yes, yes. I'll be gone for the next week so no new Kill Ron for a while. (as if it matters) Ciao Babes!